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About Us & The Five Implant Stages

Our Experienced Dentists

Dr Shiv Implants.jpg

Dr Sadha Shiv Gupta

Dr Shiv is our dedicated dentist who has placed numerous implants across our clinics including single and multi-implant. His patients love his informative nature, honesty and his attention to details. Dr Shiv has attended and trained in numerous courses in Implants in Australia and abroad. He is also a member of the Australian Society of Implant Dentistry and the well known International Congress of Oral Implantologists. 

Dr Stephen Doyle

Dr Steve is our most experienced dentist in the team with over 25 years experience, and focuses of the pre-implant stage surgery such as flap lifting, surgery and any necessary bone adjustments. Dr Steve does not place any implants and refers them to Dr Shiv or Dr Vish for implant placement and crown restoration, however his experience in complex surgery builds a very solid foundation to any necessary surgery or flaps that need to be lifted just before your implant is placed. 

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Vish 43.jpg

Dr Vish Selvaraj

Dr Vish Selvaraj is one of the dentists you will meet in the Perth branches. He is able to do complex implant cases, complex surgery and wisdom teeth removal. He graduated from the University of Western Australia and has garnered a range of skills and worked on a range of complex cases in rural Sydney, rural Western Australia and in Perth Metropolitan. He works with Dr Shiv in your Perth clinics for Implant Placement and restoration. 

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Dr Harman Singh

Where do we even start with the fabulous Dr Harman Singh. A highly skilled, experienced and competent dentist who on top of her dentistry qualifications, is now pursuing her specialization in maxillofacial surgery! She would be one of the very handful of dentists in all of Western Australia to be double qualified in Medicine and Dentistry. The number of dentists who would have her qualifications in Perth could probably be counted with your number of fingers. 

Watch an Implant Being Placed 

Why Choose Guided Surgery?

Implant Planning jp.jpg
implant jpg.jpg

Stage 1

Planning And CBCT

We work together with Envision Imaging (also used by West Coast Eagles Football Team) to get a 3D CBCT organised. Using this, some photos and an identical model of your mouth, we plan for your Implants. Planning is the most important step as there are numerous nerves and important structures we must be aware of during surgery. There is no compromise at this stage. 

Stage 2

Guide is Made

Using your 3D CBCT data, pictures and models, a guide is made to fit exactly and specially to your implant site. Refer to the adjacent image where there is only one point of entry where the implant can be placed and is definitely a much more predictable and safer method of Implant placement as compared to a free hand technique. These guides are custom made in Sydney and we have no compromises in your surgery.  


Stage 4 

Crown Loading

1 - 3 months after your implant is placed, we are ready for the stage of crown loading. The recovery process is different for each individual and hence we will assess for the strength and integration of your implant before loading. We use a high quality custom made Zirconia material here in Western Australia for your implant crown. 100% Original components and parts. This will join to the implant and complete the restorative process

Implant Planning jp.jpg

Stage 3

Implant Surgery

After a few weeks of planning and giving you a comprehensive quote and plan of surgery, we are all ready for the surgery. Surgery is done via a guide, local anesthetic and by our experienced dentists. Because of our method of placement, you will have limited pain, swelling and a much better outcome for your implant. 

Implant Planning jp.jpg
Smiling Man

Stage 5


Your Implant is now completed. All we really need to do is work together to keep your oral hygiene levels at a great level and 6 monthly check ups and cleans for general maintenance. Our team of 20 staff across 2 branches can look after your needs. 

Free Consult

We are happy to answer any or all your questions. Including how many cases we have done, see our models, talk to our dentists and understand the process better. Feel free to call any of the two clinics and say you would like to come in for a free implant consult. 

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Dental Implant House

Located in Coolbellup Dental Surgery

Shop 3/78 Coolbellup Avenue

Coolbellup WA 6163

Tel: (08) 9361 8483


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Dental Implant House 
East Victoria Park

Located in Dental Gigi

931 Albany Highway 

East Victoria Park WA 6101

Tel: (08) 9470 3875


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