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  • Why Use a Guided System for Placement?
    A guided surgery makes your implant placement safer, more predictable with a much lower chance of damaging any key structures such as nerves or sinus floors. It is a more costly method of surgery and does require more planning, however it reduces the risk of complication and unforeseen issues. Your guide is made specifically to you and locally in Australia to a very high precision. Recovery, post operative pain and discomfort are all significantly also reduced.
  • Who are your team of doctors and are they Experienced?
    Our team of dentists are completely experienced and qualifed here locally in Australia. Dr Harman is pursuing a further specialisation in Surgery and would be one of the most qualified surgeons in Australia. Dr Vish and Dr Shiv are highly experienced in Surgery & Implant Placement having seen hundreds of patients and successfully restoring numerous smiles and changing lives. They have taken extended CPDs in numerous parts of Australia and Dr Vish has an extremely wide variety of experience additionally in rural WA and NSW. The team is competent, capable and will deliver to the best of standards.
  • How painful is the surgery?
    The surgery is often painless if sufficient anaesthetic is used. Patients tend to indicate that the main discomfort comes from the injection and after which there is no pain as per say. There would be some mild pressure felt during the procedure but nothing that feels 'painful'. In other words its generally quite a smooth and painless procedure. There will be some pain after the procedure as the body recovers. We generally say about 3 - 5 days of mild - moderate pain which can be managed with general painkillers.
  • Are Your Prices Good?
    We are a practice of 20 staff and 7 dentists across 3 locations including one overseas location. We can afford to keep our costs lower as we have a larger number of patients who visit us. We have over 9000 patients across our 3 branches who come in not just for implants but all sort of dental treatment. We carry only the top Implant Brands and market leaders with 100% original components used. We have gone out of our way to give you the absolute best. And that too a guided surgery system with no compromises. Its our commitment to you. And on top of all of that, are our prices good? They sure are.
  • What Are the Steps from Here?
    The first step is always for us to have a check and clean to identify any medical conditions and risk factors besides any other existing oral conditions or issues. From there specific bone and site assessment will be required primarily via a 3D Scan or CBCT. From there once we are sure of all the factors we can propose a plan and course of action. Implants can take up to 12 months from start to finish for some patients.
  • Are Dental Implants Suitable For Me?
    While Implants do have a high success rate well above 90%, there are some important patient considerations which must be taken into account. On a systemic level, diabetes and smoking are risk factors to implants. Additionally patients who grind their teeth have a greater risk to their implants failing after some time and will need additional care post placement. On a site level patients must have sufficient bone volume for the implant to be placed. The quality of bone at the site is also important.
  • What Happens If I Dont Have Enough Bone For Implants?
    For patients with insufficient bone volume or quantity, there are bone grafting options available which can assist in growing bone back. There are a variety of brands and options and bone takes about 6 months to grow and stabilize after which a 3D scan is taken to assess for bone growth in the site. We work together with Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons who maybe required for more complex grafting procedures prior to your implant placement.
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Dental Implant House

Located in Coolbellup Dental Surgery

Shop 3/78 Coolbellup Avenue

Coolbellup WA 6163

Tel: (08) 9361 8483


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Dental Implant House 
East Victoria Park

Located in Dental Gigi

931 Albany Highway 

East Victoria Park WA 6101

Tel: (08) 9470 3875


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